Turkish delight trip day 1

As the title stated, I fancy Turkish delight or Lokum soo much. Not only because of this Turkish delicacy i successfully landed here in Turki but also before I had to do some spiritual venture in Mecca.
Tiredness has been paid off by the amount of goodies that i bought, Europe continent really has a good bargain on branded goodies!. Since there's too many stuff that i insist to share I'll split these post into two parts.
Day one we finally get off from Jeddah early in the morning to Istanbul by Turkish Airlines. Getting up by 1 o clock in the morning is such unpleasant experiences actually, but for Istanbul anything i made it possible as I'm excited to be there for the first time. First stop is the famous church turning into a mosque and functions as museum for now Aya Sofya, continued by the magnificent blue mosque (Sultan Ahmed mosque) but terribly didn't have the chance to actually see the real form of the blue mosque it self at night (the mosque lit in a blue hue light endurance color at night). I've been sick for the pass three days since i left Jeddah, that is why even thought it's hot in Turki i still use my sweater for an outer. Summer spotted in Turki, Chinos colorful pants are ready for a comeback plus long drape printed dress is still becoming Turkish mermaid choices (seriously those women really own a beautiful hair like a mermaid). Nothing much to do on day one thought everyone exhausted themselves already from the long journey to get into Istanbul. 

(Adrienne Vittadini vintage sweater, Mango sheer skirt, Mulberry purple bag, Arab ethnic necklace, Prada mules shoes)

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