The sudden diner

Finally Our Blackest Side is finally reunited after 12 days appart! I called my so lastingly sister hood by that"OBS" name (i know it's lame, be cool). Since the oldest will be heading to her city soon, we decided to throw her last dinner before Ramadhan at The goods diner. Actually and honestly we evoke our selves between eating at The goods diner or round up a table at Lucy in the sky, that's what the oldest sister hood Anindita told me because i know hell the heck is that place suppose to be. Undeceive situation leave me with crumbling stomach sow.. voila! end up as a sudden diner at The goods diner. Straightly ordered meatball spaghetti, cause that's the only menu that does not require me to guess what's inside the food and a little not so chips and dip for appetizer. Call it a night at around 12 am, big thanks to the oldest boyfriend who are passionately willing to drop us. 

(Next white cotton shirt, Topshop unique ss 2012, Asos necklace, Cheap monday ripped jeans, Turkish brand sneaker wedges, Alexander wang Rafael)

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6 Responses to “The sudden diner”

  1. gah those dishes look yum, major love on your shoes and sweater dear! you look stunning and rad =) xx

    Letters To Juliet

  2. That plate of pasta looks so delish. :o

    followed your blog, follow back mine? :D

  3. the food looks good! and so does your outfit, very pretty.


  4. love it!!


  5. You are so pretty girl!


  6. ooh your top is so cool.I'm following hope you follow back xx


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