DIY Flower summer collar

Boredom has led me for doing this inspired by my aspire model Ajeng Vibiandrini, So sick of putting flower on top of head instead why not putting it on collar!. Could be use as necklace replacement as well this would totally make flower into the whole new level of fashion statement, Not a must you have to put it on collared jeans you could patch it on collared shirt or even collar only. Enough of the chit chat let's see the tutorial below:

First step you need to pin all the flower that you want to patch later on in order, I suggest that if you have two big flower you should put it right on the bottom of the collar tip. 

Second START! to stitch all the flower from the back of the collar (obviously), if you  decided to use glue gun careful for not over pour the glue it'll crack the flower easily. But glue gun only last a while, better use some stitches for long last result hard in the beginning but the result is totally worth it.
After you complete all then..

(Diva crown, Vintage denim jacket, Top Shop dye sweater, Singapore leather nude skirt, Turkey brand "Flower" shoes) 

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5 Responses to “DIY Flower summer collar”

  1. want your crown! and a beautiful diy idea ;)

  2. gorgeous kaaaan!!! told you to put it on you jeans collar ;D

  3. wow what a lovely idea, it looks cute! and hello pretty shoes.


  4. cool DIY! love your shoes btw, reminds me of loubs.


  5. omg super love the denim jacket and shoes, so rad! you look adorable and pretty! xx

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