The all compilation of Turkey story

Thought this going to be my last post on Turkey, fret not I still have one extra day to spend sometime in there. Found my all time favorite baby this Pashli Philip Lim bag discounted at 50 percent at Harvey Nichols department stores! can't really believe after i swap my credit card and got my bill. Didn't really have time to get another sight seeing tour since we're running out of time (well,yeah i do need to fly back to my hometown) so voila ending up on a hand full of new exciting clothes, yeay!. We do manage to visit the most authentic leather branches in Turkey called Naturel, how lovely they promote their newest collection by giving us a small runway. 

(Mango stripe dress, Philip Lim Pashli bag)

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3 Responses to “The all compilation of Turkey story”

  1. Great pictures!!

    LOVE your top!!

    Chloe Polo

  2. Great pictures! Love the one with the little lights.


  3. Awh, awesome pictures, and I really really want that handbag ^^

    xo, L


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