Summer Purchase!

Like I mention before summer sale is totally nuts my head off. Manage to finally purchase these goodies after long battling arguing about what will i do with it in the end. Found this long champ x Jeremy Scott in a good bargain price (30 percent discount! Holla!) at some local shop, thinking that large size of long champ tote it self could worth a dime I decided to purchase it with no regret. So does this sweet marni long silk dress that i score on eBay, designer item available on my size really tempt me a lot. Ready set pack for my summer vacation to Turki, Istanbul!

Also been craving for this Actual Pain "magical" sweater for quite sometime, until finally they had to restock their sweatshirt when I'm in my serious buying mood so voila! now it's here settling on my wardrobe thinking when could the perfect weather come so i could pull it on. Photographed with my new vintage Moschino pork embellishment shirt that i bid on eBay as well. At last! the first edition of Dethbook published by Actual Pain brand, I've been following their blog since ever and now they serve their mystically themed fashion photograph in 30 pages magazine published monthly.

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5 Responses to “Summer Purchase!”

  1. oh i love those shirt, and btw follow your blog.
    and Taylor is my muse too, she is just too cool

    Herdiana Surachman

  2. can i just say that i really love your blog & your personal style?now following on GFC!!! and thank you for commenting on my blog. & try this tutorial on how to remove the border/shadow from your images: i think this was the same tutorial i used. good luck!!!!!


  3. whoa those pieces are amazing, i love it so much! i want that i am magical top, awesome <333

    Letters To Juliet

  4. Beautiful post!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥


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