Mexican Shrine

Holla amigos! too much browsing on lately made a deeply interest for me on mexican folk art and shrine. what is shrine? according to googles a holy or sacred place, which is dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr, saint, daemon or similar in an awe to respect. Yup, this shrine that i'm talking about not just a christian shrine (usually they made this shrine on guadalupe of maria style) whereas nowadays you could made something you worship about into this lovely 20 cm diameter boxes, even your twilight obsession what so ever. The one that i'm crazy about is my passion on Frida Kahlo shrine, pay a visit to local art distributor that were selling mexican folk art (mostly frida gems) has made me scrumptious on making my own shrine about here.

i do not own this pictures, courtesy to

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  1. those are really cool, I especially like the last one.


  2. awww you're such a HHG (hutan hipster gaul) blogger now ,I'm sooo proud :>


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