Last encounter with the princess

What i stated it's true, nothing so fairytale in here just a princess (married) from where my college is state held remarkable dinner involving the best (i guess it's the best, cause they're awesome!) Kuala Lumpur traditional dance association. Total honor to enjoy it's dance and musical performance from them, gazillion thank you to Tuanku Jawahir. Tasty bossa nova sound was throughly spread the entire hall room, and looks like whole house mates couldn't resist to dance a long so voila! pre-party for the whole night. Short break to pavilion was oh so lovely as well. Slightly disappointed cause Ben's restaurant closed down in a moment for some private event, what a lucky devil! they could over indulge in the best delicacy of mac and cheese that they serve. Bought some lovely hard tangling clutch from Top shop plus Diva's accessories are too good to resist end up buying plenty goth stuff. 

(Unbranded najavo sweater, Alexander wang s/s 2012, Unbranded strspy shoes)

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3 Responses to “Last encounter with the princess”

  1. great blog !! if you will have time visit my page :)

    hugs and kisses

  2. hey I just found your blog and have to say its lovely! and wow you are amazingly gorgeous. mind to follow back?


  3. Thank you for your comment! I've started following you, hope you follow back ;)

    I see you live in Indonesia, which explains why you find it hard to find clothes because they tend to sell the skinny brands for typical tiny Asian girls... My Mum's Filipino and I'm going to Philippines soon but it won't be a shopping holiday because I know it will be so hard to find clothes that fit - such a shame!

    You look chic in this picture! Sounds like you had a good shopping day (^_^) x


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