Bang Bang !

Sorry for a while hiatus mode happen to have some of this casting for as one of their plus size model, all didn't work out as much as i expected but it's really just an experience.
finally what I've been wanting to share out with you guys has arrived! this super sweet creeper that i got from Underground is totally worth a wait. Slightly heavy from the basic creeper (ordered mine as the double sole) and well man made leather, I choose underground since they have more solid shape compare to T.U.K  (t.u.k is a bit cheaper than underground tho). Couldn't wait to wear it out! 5 more weeks till I become a college freshman,Yeay me!

song that recently stuck on my head

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6 Responses to “Bang Bang !”

  1. those shoes are so cool!


  2. amazing shoes i love them so much

  3. Those shoes are so awesome! I'd love to have one! :)


  4. killer creepers! how much were they?

  5. great creepers..:-)great blog check my blog when you have time and if you like it follow me and i will sure follow you back :-)

  6. what a killers shoes !!!
    very stunning rocker style =D

    take a look of my blog sometimes, dear..
    hope you'll like and follow it =)



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