Last exeat in Malaysia

First time ever staying out of Negeri Sembilan to a place beside Kuala Lumpur as a precaution of the strike that happen in there recently. We decided to move our night out in Sunway, Selangor! to be precise it's located in Taylor lakeside Ruemz hotel. Out from college and staying out in a college was an irony but hey, it's not that bad since Taylor has it's own shopping walk called Syo mall. No fuss going out to Sunway pyramid to get a decent breakfast, they have it all. Bangsar is our first very destination after  our checked in,  meeting Nicholas was a bliss since we get a free ride around the town by his Lexus. First priority is to look for prom dress and accessories but that's not a problem, Bangsar especially Jalan Telawi boutique  has broadly choices for  dresses from cocktail, party and obviously for prom night. Not weird that Dora bought her's in the count of 1 hours wandering the places, exhausted has been paid off by finding what we're looking for plus chilling in Alexis bistro is such a joy. loving the pavlova cake that they serve.

Finally found my perfect prom shoes in Sungei Wang Hongkong street shop lt.6 Angel Lee collection

(Vintage wrangler shirt, Asos oversize pendant, cheap monday jeans, Joe's shoes

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