Residing in my closet

I tend to put a lot of junk inside my boarding house closets. Exception for these babies! they all brand new this month (except the macbook). Half came from goodies that i bought online and the rest of course Malaysia rad shop.

*ps: Evening in Negeri Sembilan, what a beauty. Courtesy to Theodora

What's on it : Moschino Gulp tote, Urban renewal jacket from Topshop, D.I.Y ghostly chain necklace, Monkey chain necklace from Topshop, Macbook sticker from Etsy shop, Polkadot shoes from Topshop, T.U.K polkadot creeper, Gold Aigner belt, Marilyn Monroe blanket from Singapore disneyland.

By the way i decided to put some patch into the back of my jacket, the current patch is from Poison Apple Etsy shop. How i ADORE so much, you could find anything from handmade pieces to vintage Chanel sweater in below price.

Last thing, I saw this outrageous thing on my facebook homepage. This shoes is from lovely Syu shu IDR 1,699,000. *sigh mom, can i have it?

That's it for now

✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

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