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I cannot keep any secret from you guys any longer, for those of you who's always asking me on where did I get my most updated outfit from head to toe. This is it. I'm speaking based on my experience, I got hooked on it like I'm on gear. Introducing you thefthing.com, Indonesian based fashion E-commerce that does not only include Local products but also they curate overseas items like Adidas, Off-white which is my favourite street wear at all times and any Hypebeast collection you can imagine. 

I absolutely adore online stores that include handling fees as well as taxes import duties (somehow you gotta be loyal to your country ya know what I mean), I found that it is hard to manage or even calculate your own country hefty taxes duties while you get excited on your recently purchase, ya know. 

Their product varies from high street, street wear, feminine vibe or anything you want to be thefthing.com does not limit you from keep on clicking the cart button and make repeat purchase every time you visit their online store. Most conveniently they recently launch an app dedicated to consumer who got hooked on their phone 24 hrs a day. Me personally do not mind all that, I love to browse their website via my personal computer. 

I'm going to spill the T on this because thefthing.com anniversary is getting closer ! thefthing.com 2nd Anniversary #TheFThingTurns2  currently having a huge giveaway with a fabulous grand prize which are two units of Genio Motorcycle for two top spender along this September month and not to forget their 500K daily voucher to win. The winner will be announced in October 2019. 
My advice is.... don't you want waste any time! be stylish while you can have the chance to ride this cool Motorbike that match your persona. 

To keep up with the latest lifestyle news, fashion info or fun trivia. Thefthing.com does have it's very own online magazine to keep you busy waiting for your dates who'll never show up. 

Do not believe me ? it's your call! be right back binge shopping at the coolest Indonesian online stores, do check out their Instagram at @thefthingworld  to find out more about it. 



Commending the last trip that I made on 2018, I am writing back on my blog. Yes! thank you for whoever still reading this piece of nonsense of mine I really appreciate the thought. 

So Hong kong...
I have not been able to visit this country for a while. I used to come here a lot with my family back when we are still "a family", brings back lots of memories for sure. Secondly the reason behind that was, I got to spend the airlines ticket for free from my Singapore Airlines miles for three people! yippee for those wondering how someone like me could have such a hefty amount of mileage the answer is I do trading lol a small one and usually when you buy stock it comes with a reward so I pick this mileage as my reward. 

Anyhow, you all got to know that I spend a whole freaking week just to stay in HK and do nothing. Shop? not so much, unless you want to bring out tons of winter clothes back here in Jakarta where even my summer plant DIED IN HEAT. So no, I skipped on that well in the end I did bought some, for fun sake. 

Majority of my trips covered in laughter between us siblings, sharing meal (by means sharing we seriously did bought a triple mega ton of Potato Corner TM right out front of our hotel) also trying out new places to hang out and surviving Causeway Bay human wave. 

All hail potato!

Our very first destination is to visit no other than the happiest place on earth which is Disneyland!
Even up until now, I trembled in excitement whenever I heard someone bringing Theme park to the conversation. I am a thrill junkie! 

Once we touched down HK, the next thing we did was checked in into one of Disney resort called 
The Explorer (Not too sure what it's called tbh) but it was a luxury! all of us immediately rushed to bed early that night, getting pumped for Disney on the next day. 

Little did I know that HK Disney did add an extension to it's theme park and it's about Toy's Story. 
For me it totally hit up my thrill junkie point, they have a 180 degree coaster that goes back and forth. Oh boy, it sure is high my adrenaline was about to burst while riding it. 

We did spend the whole day at Disney, we even rode the Space mountain twice wasn't that packed I tell ya! I was beyond surprised that we did not have to use our priority pass from the hotel to ride anything that's usually jammed packed with people. Lucky son of the devil...

"A truly happy face"

Nothing to exciting after our amazing Disneyland adventure, we decided to stay in Hyatt Regency at Tsim Sha Tsui. Pretty convenient hotel since it's within a walking distant to the MTR, shopping district and even Star Avenue (which is currently under renovation) but we do enjoy it too much that we slept in at the hotel most of our journey. 

Just going to share few snaps I took in HK, and let me know what are your thoughts of Hong Kong!

From left: Claudia (my sister friend), Zahara, Salsa and I 

lol found this cool hidden place on the back alley at the peak, while waiting for 
normal Taxi to pass by

Lwidle swisteee

That was the second day at the peak.
Now move on to the third day, god sake I have a vague memory on what happen in HK. I can assure you it was 70% food binging and pushing people out of our way. 

Yes we do love our cute Yum-cha, will I ever come back again? absolutely not

My life is complete, that's what I thought.

Honestly I like HK people way better than Korean people (LOL SORRY CHINGGU I LOVE YOU).
Most of them speak english in quite a well manner also you can sense if someone being polite to you by their gesture and intonation. Of course I forgot to mentioned I did met my Besties back in College, they were Hongkies so it's natural for them to reside in HK now. 

Meet (from the left: Yvonne and Elise) thanks to them my gloomy days in UK is much

We colour co-ordinate on that day lol! spend entire day in Mongkok end up buying  a quartet sweatshirt. 

The landmark of Mongkok is the market, ladies market, Jordan market, etc.
 Black market even... maybe?

Un-intentionally matched with the vending machine. 

Spending most of our time in this fashion mall called K-11 in Tsim Sha Tsui,
located in Hyatt Regency. Don't spend your dime here, too pricy whilst you could get cheaper in Mongkok or Causeway bay even. 

Meet my soulmate on the street in HK, maybe you'll find one too?

BEST HOTPOT GEM I FOUND IN HK, if you're in Tsim Sha Tsui Area this is the place for a good, logical price hotpot with a maximum quality of food served. This located in Tsim Sha Tsui MTR exit N (If im not mistaken). It is right in front of our hotel and we always wonder why would someone with Ferrari or Porsche come here for food. The answer is, BECAUSE IT IS DELICIOUS. 

The sun set pretty a while, naisu time to take a shoot. 

My favourite area in Monkok, it is near by Yau Ma Tei MTR station. Lot's of Hypebeast gem around here. Of course... with quite a price too. 

That's it! Completed the whole set of Hongkong journal, I did not have any other place I visit lol oh except for Causeway bay but you all already know the drill. Go to Times Square if you just won a lottery in Macau, Go to Laforet or Island shopping mall for Kawaii stuff and go to Fashion walk for some Fashion Fuckery stuff talking about Off-white, Heron Preston, Commes des Garcons etc. 

Now wait for the next adventure! 

My heart My Seoul


I dislike the thought of whenever I start writing back any latest post it begins with me saying that I am long gone or hiatus. I humbly apologise for the commotion, things has not been so great about my life so far it forces me to constantly being a bitch about it and lord I don't want to rumble it upon my blog posts. 
I went to South Korea for a week, Seoul to be exact (yes, again) for the second time, turns out Seoul has touched a special spot in my heart that I need to re-visit it in order to satisfy my longing for an adventure in there. However, was a mistake to bring my siblings to go there. They do not like Seoul, well some of them. First reason maybe I shop too much that my brother has to wait outside shivering in cold, secondly my sister does not like walking AT ALL demand to be at the taxi all times and lastly, they fight a lot through out the journey. 

Altho I still am enjoying the trip but hey, peace comes first and shopping comes second right? 

Here's a few snap that I took in Seoul, by means a few well you know me :p

Before our flight, excuse my bare face

We decided to stay at a condo type of hotel, not too bad actually it was decent experience overall. Our hotel called "The Oriens" also not too far from the buzzling Myeong-Dong district. 

Found this very cool spot to shop to at A.Land Myeongdong, it's a clothing store similar to Urban Outfitters both price wise and theme. Did not manage to buy a single piece from here because they're running out of sizes. Yeay me. Actually, I could find my clothing size easily since they run it huge but when it comes to streetwear label. Boy, an ants could not even fit in that. My pain does not end at the incapability of me buying clothes, shoes too. Yeay me. I bought men's shoes all the time when I was in Seoul, if your feet larger than 39 Europe, boy bye just wrap your leg with a bandage. 

Day two my beloved tour guide, Dea. Took me to see this humble small alley home of cafes. You name it! they have it all. Whether you want to chill and have a coffee, they have it! or even if you cannot miss your manga reading session, you could step inside this net cafe while eating ramen with cold beer.

This container city captivated me, my first time ever landed in the famous CommonGround shopping lot in Seoul. To be exact it was near Gang-nam district where all the rich spend their salary here. You could find a lot of funky clothes with a bit of quality in here. Price wise? don't expect it to be cheap. 

Found this little gem while at the Bukchon Hanok Village, YUMMIEST K FOOD EVER 

Handmade perfume

This is the day where I get to wear Hanbok for the very first time, strolling around the Gyeongbok Gung Palace like nobody business wearing Balenciaga shoes and all. Fun experience but bare in mind that the palace is under some construction so you won't get to see the full experience like I did last time. Secondly I did shop at Dongdaemun district, where usually tourists buy their lot of clothes in there. You can bargain too while you're at Hello Apm mall, AmPm mall and lots more. 

BEST BBQ EVER located in the back of Hong-Dae district (tbh I did not know what its called but I do know exactly where it is), you know it when they have the word free then it's should be good.

A chicken restaurant owned by some K-Model, god knows who the hell is he.

Zapangi at Mangwon.

I droll on the floor while indulging the interior beauty this shop located in Garosugil has, I even took my time to do the infamous toilet selfie too.

Itaewon at night. Best district if you love food and drinks. 

Hwayugi (Korean odyssey) shooting location! the place where Son O Gong returning, Samjang red umbrella T_____T. 

Legend of the blue sea rooftop shooting location! (why the heck do I even bother coming here) Tbh
it's actually not bad at all, since the place is free to enter (I love free!) also the view is spectacular from above. Just beware the journey you have to go to visit this, get your sneakers ready.

Picnic at Hangang River! how fun!

Lastly, still my obsession with Lee Seung Gi reached me to his hand imprinted on the star avenue road. The closest thing I could get to be near him *sigh*. 

That's it for my trip ! Hope you guys enjoy my review! do ask me more about my Korean trip through comment!