Finally a mini breathtaking holiday occurs in my life, My skin were snatched and mad about how stressful I am these past few months. 

This time accompanied by these super famous (I mean it they have 10k ++ followers on Instagram!) influencers fella's of mine, Chianty @chiantygunawan and Lulut @lulut_m exploring the world that I am no longer interested in exploring it which is the world of KUALA LUMPUR. 


Some of you may know that I've done all the nooks and cranny of weird/bad things in KL, but this time I'm terribly glad to share it with them. Lulut is KL virgin so she was actually pretty excited to feel the majestic night life KL can offer, whereas Chianty came to KL completely as a normal tourist with all the good manners.

btw, I lost my iPhone for god sake! KL! you let me down big time!!! my dad told me don't go to deep on the KL euphoria, but what can I say? I'm DROWN in it BATHE in it. 

 So first day we don't do much stuff, I nearly blackout in the middle of the hectic brunch place called "Breakfast Thieves" since turns out I dehydrated like a lot.. never before I feel the need to drink water as for this. Got few pictures snaps and done. 

Basically the trip was about me and my girls having our best quality time that majorly occurs at night HA! well we did a "little" shopping but I wasted all my allowance to buy a god damn iPhone. 

I like to try on Korean inspired makeup these days let me know what you think!

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