The Adventure of a lifetime P.2

Finally accustomed to the fast life vibe that the cruise brought into me, I casually stroll the ships without any hesitation unlike the other night. This lazy asses of mine refuse to do any heavy labor activity that requires my sweat to drips, so I choose to do early jacuzzi moment with Christine once we scrumptiously stuffed our mouth with some delicious breakfast. I admit I'm not a jacuzzi person, I'd rather choose to swim rather than endlessly dipping my body in a hot water but come on! when could I get such a chance again. After one pinacolada and another, we decided to call it off and jump right back to get change. 

Photoshoot time! I found this mirror alley way accidently by casually stumbled upon it and can't resist to take loads of picture with thousand effect and pose that I could find. 

Before the sunset, Christine and I manage to catch "We Will Rock You!" show. Little did I know they have a complete backstage props and effect just for this show solely. I sang along to the song that I'm familiar with joyfully. Once the shows ended, I rush to my initial plan from the begining which is to ride a freaking bumper car INSIDE THE SHIP! although sadly I did not accomplish such an achievement however I spend my evening looking at the sea until dusk. 

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6 Responses to “The Adventure of a lifetime P.2”

  1. keren bangeett kak :)

  2. Aww I wish I'm on a cruise now. Could really enjoy the laid back vibe :)
    Really nice pictures!

  3. Kak anisa have fun yaa<3 !

    xx, dea

  4. kecee bangeettt <3 <3

  5. what a superb life!
    you live your life to the fullest
    envy you got bump into Fashitect a.k.a Toni Tran there :')

    Mr. Rebel in Town


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