The adventure of a lifetime

Well, technically not my whole life. I certainly sure I would lead to more interesting life and adventure ahead. Since everyone asking how was my cruise trip? well here it is.

The story begin with this little Line conversation that I had with Christine, she said "hey, will you be free on 18-20?" and I said "absolutely" I thought she wants to come over and have a random girly night out and her next sentence made me speechless. "Well, I'm inviting you to be my plus one for Royal Caribbean cruising, are you interested". I was mortified at first, I thought she was joking and she always been. There weren't any sticker, or emoji on her conversation so I assume she was being deadly serious about this. Christine has been so kind to this humble servant of the DUNJUNZ manor to invite me on her two days adventure with Royal Caribbean Company. Little did I know at first that it was all about the launching of the third biggest cruise in the world but also the launching of a ground-breaking quantum class entertainment on deck. I am cheap, yes, who doesn't want to work during a paid vacation and without any further due respect I definitely say yes to Christine offer at that time. 

Don't ask me on how Christine got the invitation, check her blog out to find out!

My impatience grew stronger at the very week of our initial journey, not knowing how's the cruising going to be like or what am I suppose to do in those ship leaves me wander. While Christine panicking and bombarding the agent on how the hell are we suppose to get to the Southampton (oh, yes indeed we depart from the famous Southampton, well you know famous for that thing that I couldn't say or else we break the contract agreement) I run a mini fashion show to get an idea, what do I suppose to wear on the cruise during the day. I even bought myself a very revealing swimsuit for this very occasion (and no it's not a bikini,  it's a sleeveless one piece that I considered as taboo if I don't wear any outer). On the evening, I proposed to Christine, declaring what I've been thinking lately "Chris.. I think you should sleep over before the day of departure so it's easier for us to get on to taxi". After we came to an agreement, I sleep at ease and counting days until the initial departure date come. 

Christine finally revealed our departure time for the 18th, the ship would be off the shore by 5 PM. So, the question that linger is how the heck we suppose to go to Southampton? Chris explained that there will be a complimentary bus waiting for us at the Heathrow, proximately at 8:30. Ah, that word.. complimentary.. how I love the sound of that, I simply nod my head since I still have no clue on what is this all about actually. To be fair, I'm a cruise virgin. The largest sea vehicle that I've ever rode is a car transport cruise in between Surabaya to Bali which is sickening as hell. Being on the boat with bunch of cars parked and without having a proper place to sit plus there's someone who's selling veggies inside the boat sure are not a very pleasing moment and up until now the idea of sailing from my perspective is that awful experience that I had. 

The D day has finally come, Christine extremely annoying alarm woke me from my deepest sleep at 6 AM i the morning. I told her can I get five more minutes? she shooked my body knowing that I have to do my "business" in the morning and that I should get up to freshen myself up cause it took so long for me to do my make up on. Once I got my sense back, i got up and shower, Chris continue the routine after I finished. Time indicated it's 7 AM, it's the time where we booked our taxi last night and I told Chris if you hear any knocking just open the door (I was still doing my make up at that time). 7:15 AM we frantically waiting for the taxi to come, I was furious too! but when I opened the door turns out the taxi has been waiting for us to come out and told (more to scold) us he's been there for ages. LOL, okay we hedonist are deeply sorry for that! without any hesitation we got in and rush straight to the terminal 5. 

We waited for quite a while at the airport waiting for someone who brought the "Royal Caribbean" sign to come up and takes us to paradise or realistically to the shuttle. The time that we wasted while wondering where is the shuttle turned into a deeply weird conversation such as "Chris, what if this whole thing was a scam", she laugh and immediately agree to my statement "first, I would likely to apologize to you that it wasn't my intentions to waste your time" and "Secondly, I whoop this agent asses that I've been calling since he was really serious about it". After a while, once I got back from my toilet break Christine stood there with bunch of random people and she explained that these are the people who will be on the cruise as well. I shout Hallelujah by heart, knowing that our trip wasn't cancelled, scammed or there are no such a thing as complementary bus to Southampton. We depart easily by a pretty decent shuttle bus with bunch of hedonist who's about to have their adventure of a lifetime as well. 

I woke up from my slightly satisfied napping and saw a sign that stated "Anthem of The Seas" departure gate. I was like oh gooly how big it is that one cruise alone have to have a different toll entrance gate. My mind stop wondering when I took a brief glance from the front bus window where there's this white spacious thing in front of my eyes. My heart beat fast, Christine squeal excitedly and pat my shoulder while pointing her finger at the window. And.. HOLLY FAKARONI THAT SHIP WAS HELLA HUGE, if I'm about to compare it's like a moving version of Harrods yes.. it's as big as that. The bus has finally stopped to park and unload all of the passengers. I took my luggage and rush inside to do some "check-in". Again, I did not know we have to do any check-in procedures as well like we about to fly. 

Look at that glorious sign and YES WE ARE DEPARTING!

Posing with the ticket to Hedon paradise won't hurt.

Now this is the queen of all the hedonist, Christine who we see here still socialising and updating her Facebook status like "Y'all need cruise! #hedonistlife #thoughlife"

After impatiently nagging Chris to get on board soon, we stepped on the bridge that lead us to the main entrance of the ship. All of my life I have been through that kind of bridge on a declining position, this time I have to actually incline as am about to climb a dead walkway escalator. All of the crews on deck bow their head welcoming all of their passenger on board. I couldn't help but about to wave my hand like the Nobel english women in me but I realized that I'm just a lowly peasant from DUNJUNZ manor so I just nod back at them. The crews on the gate are ready to check our golden hedon factory to actually let us in and unwind. 

This is the second view that I saw once I stepped in on the woody aroma deck. 

The extravagant art piece that only a rich hedonist would understand.

Little did I know that this very lamp flickered following your heartbeat, mine was flickering uncontrollably perhaps that's my nature. 

All of this white space...

We decided to chill a little in our temporary DUNJUNZ while ragging crazily on the first ever balcony on deck experience, abusing the door frequently to get a perfect hedonist life picture is mandatory. 

#livindalife #denimondenim

As what a normal fashion blogger would do, of course we have to do OOTD before the sunset ruins my mood and turn me into werewolf. 

Once we done abusing our privilege of taking picture of the outside deck, it's time for us to explore more on what sort of entertainment that this cruise offer.


(Asos cat baret | Asos white denim coat | Topshop denim patch shirt | Asos jeans | Asos Platform | Phillip Lim Pashli bag)

Pretty much of my evening spend by doing some photo shooting, socialising etc. Wait for the second update of my trip soon on the blog! All OOTD photoshoots are courtesy to Christine. 

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  1. aaaa liburan terus kakak nyaa <3
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