Uncountable times that I have attempted to get the right dress for my body shape. If I ever purchase one, it would be the time where I'm on the edge of desperation. I admit I dislike wearing a one piece clothes since I wouldn't be able to mix it with something else except for outer. Then one day my lovely Remi Ray came in contact and offers me with her new line of well tailored fabulous dress. Thought this is my chance to go out of my dressing game bound. Futuristic dress concept, that's what I called it in the mean time has successfully caught my attention to try out several different styling. This long fluttery dress is weightless thus I could easily wear it in any occasion it deserves, since I'm not used to wear sleeveless I combined it with my tailored shirt that I got from Monki previously. The edgy-nesque from the dress inspired me to create a feminine cowboy look, complete with a fitted hi-shine leather jacket and harness to accentuate my flabby body shape. The result! completely bedazzling, even my photographer Suzanne said that I look 1000 times skinnier on that. To wrap it up I put on my sky high platform and of course! a cowboy hat to make it funkier. I'm ready to go on a witching Rodeo!

(Remi Ray dress | Asos hi-shine leather jacket |  Devilish666 pentagram harness | Monki shirt | Asos hat | Asos platform boots)

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2 Responses to “Rejoice”

  1. Annissaa bermatador dgn rok dan berjogeeeeeeeeeet jiggyyyyyyy shooo cute <3 <3 <3 hhehehee come to see of it lo makin monochrome palette from the first time i countered upon you ya, yang dulu kita suka sama colors.

  2. you are killing it!
    the dress, your dancing pose, and your fierce face is on point!

    kapan sih balik lagi ke Jakarta?
    pengen tea time lagi
    miss you xoxo

    Mr. Rebel in Town


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