Little trinket from Monaco

Back from my mini trip to Nice in France and escorting my two lovely ladies for lunch treats at the very beautiful Monaco. It's an overwhelming feeling all over again being in a two countries in the same day, just like the trips that I had long before. My morning starts with scouting a few scrumptious breakfast to fulfill our hunger from the night before and afterwards we head down to the nearest bus stop for our Monaco getaway. Before making it to our final destination, first a friend of mine suggested that we should visit the famous medieval style village up on the mountain called 'Eze village' must say that I did not regret to have made a detour in here. Splendid background and historical figures and fact made me shiver all down to spine. Meanwhile blinded by the glam of Monaco on my mind, we decided to leave the glorious village for after an awe of three hours strolling. Finally after a good 45 minutes we arrived at Montecarlo, did not bring my whole fortune so I found it pretty boring without having not to try out on the famous Montecarlo casino. 

Still on my monochrome mood, before I set up all of my black and white ensemble I've figure it would be fun to look fancy for a while so I ordered a faux fur from Asos to make my whole outfit more enchanting. Proudly wearing my UNIF jacket from my last year sale hunt and still satisfied with my whole back shoots that Dana did for me. After a few snapshoots in different side of Monaco, we decided to call it off at 5 PM. 

(Asos faux fur | UNIF bomber jacket | Asos baseball outer | Topshop pleated skirt | Proenza Schouler 11 bag | Zara boots)

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  1. madly in love with your faux fur & Proenza Schouler bag!
    too cool to be true!

    Mr. Rebel in Town


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