Alvin Loy SUI / Haute Couture

Sorry for the belated update about my recent life after all the travelling post that I made. As TIALM collective press, I have to accomplish my head of the department last wish before she departs to Jakarta for good. Therefore, here I am reporting for Alvin Loy premier SUI Haute Couture collection at Mandarin Oriental. When it comes to fashion shows, I usually dressed up in street-style way but this time I have to forfeit my grunge look in order to look more gallant. I choose my Yves Saint Laurent shirt combined with my recent purchased Bardot top from, I admit I will never ever wear that short Bardot without anything covering elsewhere.  I re-matched it with my ever favorite Asos mermaid skirt that flawlessly bringing the sexy hip back, thus I look slimmer (at least in pictures).

Moving on to the collection itself, I must say it is spectacular! I gasped and  didn't even realize at first that I'm actually watching a 'fashion' show. They made the runway even more fresh with a little hint of ballet performance in between the collection. All the design were immaculate! Chiffon layering details on the bridal couture was beyond amazing, so dreamy like. He probably took his idea from folk stories princess cause it drifts me to my own imagination where I'm on one of his dress and prince charming finally, after 14 years come to drag me away from being a single genre. Moving on to the Gala collection, lots of sequins play from what I noticed when the first model came with a short V neck dress made entirely out of silver sequins that's totally drool worthy. This collection justifying my own argument whether or not sequins had come back to play its roles just like back in the oldies. Apparently it did! I was amused by the accuracy of Alvin depicting the freshest trend into his collection. 

Met and talked with a bunch of legit fashion people that I don't even know where to begin and identify myself. Who am I? That question came right after a lady from Menswear fashion asked who I am representing. I said to myself, oh right, I work for TIALS now not a fashion blogger for tonight, and stuttered to spell out on TIALS term to everyone. I know it is difficult sometimes if you have a split identity and came into this sort of event. So enjoy the picture diary!

(Yves Saint Laurent shirt | Bardot top | Asos long mermaid tail skirt | Asos platform | Givenchy nightingale bag | Assorted cuff from Topshop Freedom)

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8 Responses to “Alvin Loy SUI / Haute Couture”

  1. You look fabulous! It's like a slightly upscale version of your style. The way you incorporated the Bardot top is amazing. Congratulations on the job! I'm so jealous. I know you deserve it and I hope you enjoy every minute :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  2. ah, you're so lucky <3<3
    and stunning as usual!


  3. you're so awesome kak :)

  4. beautifully chic!
    you never fail to impress me with your monochrome outfit
    let's do some tea time when you already in Jakarta!
    miss you alooooottt!
    jangan lupa oleh-oleh LOL


    Mr. Rebel in Town

  5. selaluuuuuu cantiiiik cantiiiiik cantiiiiiik,,,
    emang Annissa ratunya layering:)
    selalu suka mix and matchnya, dan disini keliatan elegant bgt yak???maniiiissss deh...
    hayuk ahhh ke Indo, nanti aku kirimin barang, heheeeee:)

    Happy December:)

    Kisses from Borneo, Indonesia...

    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  6. Kak nisaa <3 y u look so gorgeous T-T


  7. nisaaaaa !! >.<
    aaaaw you look so adorably gorgeous <3<3

  8. awesome bingits kak ... makin manis deeeh
    *muach hehehehe

    perlengkapan bayi | makanan sehat


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