Where's Yesterday

These few days I have been too worked up finishing all of my due assignments, not to mention my final year project work that I feel totally clueless on where to begin with. However, my beautiful colleague helped me with this "runningawayfrommyduties" shoots which I got my inspiration from the latest Alexander Wang X H&M collection. I'm so ecstatic when I see cracked pattern on one of their hoodies collection whilst I thought cracked pattern is so last year and there they are bringing the glorious marble look back again. 

I compile everything that lies before me, since it is quite uncomfortable to wear perforated shirt, I decided to wear a long jersey for the ultimate layering look (yes! I'm back!). This looks sort of reminds me of minimalist cowboys, I even put my bolo tie and patterned scarves just to look like on of those badass cowboys in the hood. Moreover, my birthday is just around the corner! I can't help to be as excited as I am now cause I'll be 22 and finally, Taylor Swift song does make sense to me. 

(Asos cracked shirt | Topshop Biker vest | Asos pleated skirt | H&M side split T-shirt | Topshop Bolo tie | Buffalo Platform | Asos hat | Diane von Furstenberg Glasses)

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11 Responses to “Where's Yesterday”

  1. oh gosh, love it from head to toe. especially that platform!

    The Style Rebellion

  2. Woohooo! I knew it was gonna be a bangin post. Glad that you like the shots love


  3. Great post Nis!
    the queen of layering is back! and you are the queen of monochrome too <3
    I need to learn how to rock my monochrome outfit from the queen :D
    good luck for your final project!
    God bless!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. Whoa, everything about this outfit is amazing!

  5. Love the location of these photos, and you're monochrome outfit!


  6. OMG! Love this look and shoots. Love black and white looks in modern way and style. Love it :D
    Hugs, Nabil ;)


  7. you are so cooll annisa !!
    hope we can meetup :)


  8. first, i love that shirt
    second , that skirt stunning!


  9. cool as always!



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