Urban twilight

A couple days ago friends of mine were coveting drinking something that sumptuous without having to dwell with the famous London number one policies, which is making a reservation. All the pretty over looking river Thames bar was fully occupied over the weekend and I found a place that is actually neat, called the OXO tower brassiere without having to place my name a month before just to sip and dine. I’ve heard about the OXO tower frequently and knowing that it is located on the other side of South Bank that I have not yet discovered. My friends were delighted as we cross the side road and see another marvelous river Thames side that is so different from what I (almost) on daily basis saw. St. Paul church made an awesome backdrop, looking glorious without having my self-setting my foot over to Washington DC to see another domed building.

My friends and I are deciding we would make a proper photo shot in this particular area. Finally, yesterday the day has come. I created a pattern combination of black and white with checker, print and 3D polka dot. I’m a big fan of polka dot pattern no matter how out-dated it is but it makes a tomboyish look looking girly. I put on my Kenzo cap just to add-in more colour palate and creating this interesting combo’s of black and yellow pop. I say that this look is more to pop art rather than what I intentionally do which is the urban look. Either way, loving the photo shots made by Chanele I thank her for her time and patience needed to handle these shots.

(Asos boxy shirt | H&M polkadot outer | Asos skirt | Asos Bandana skirt | Asos shoes | Philip Lim Pashli bag | Kenzo x New Era cap)

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9 Responses to “Urban twilight”

  1. Langit nya BA GUS BA NGET!!!
    and as always you look incredible awesome <3
    the touch of yellow cap is a statement

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. two amazing bloggers in one frame <3


  3. Kak anisa ! I always want to meet you. When you come to Jakarta ? Tell me ;)


  4. Beautiful! Lovely prints application and uber cool scene there!

    Wonderful photography execution

  5. Pretty look and love the photos! Love your blog, followed you!


  6. love the set tartan! :)


  7. oh so amazing! always looking fabulous with all the prints.



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