True Love Fantasy

I can't help to be falling in love with this studded mask and Pentagram harness (which I completely forgotten that I ordered it along) that I got from Devilish666 which suits my outfit preferences nowadays. All of their harness collection inspired me to create a cyber-gothic look which is kind of similar to my dark inspired taste. Appropriately expressed, it resembles a gothic Japanese school girl  off to lunch kind of style. It is too hardcore for my liking actually, but hey! One can dream to be in Tokyo with this outfit without being judged. I too am still learning to be more confident, but not over the top. The thought of seeing someone be too overly confident does disturb me once or twice. 
Back to the outfit, I can't seem to leave the loving of layering even though its summer so I actually sweat (probably you all know that I did whine a lot about the weather) a lot during this shoot. Hard work is painful and fashion with extra effort is uncomfortable, but you will notice the result and it gets your feet back on track again. Right?
So, The short and long sleeves layering we're my thing from the beginning and still hoping that I could come up with any better ideas of layering techniques that I still ought to learn. I have rarely seen this kind of combination and yet I hope it's legal from the fashion police perspective. Anyway, hope you enjoy another Japanese street style inspiration of mine. 

(Devilish666 Harness mask | Asos sequin top | Thrifted biker jacket | Asos long shirt | River Island hi-shine skirt | Buffalo platform shoes | Bandana socks)

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14 Responses to “True Love Fantasy”

  1. OH MY GOD!
    I can't say anything
    amazing style <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. Those studded mask! arwwwwwh cravingggg!

  3. love this whole look! super awesome shoes xx

    Letters To Juliet

  4. hahaha yes i can totally imagine this in the streets of Tokyo

    Damn gurl you are FULL OF GUTS !
    i wish i could learn from you how to be this bold with no fear !


  5. I love this look. And as long as your layers are light, anyone can definitely pull off layers in the summer.

    Theatricality by Mariah

  6. SUPACOOL! <3 <3
    Loveeee :)

  7. Dayyumm girl! Totally in love with the goth-chic-yet-so-hardcore kind of style. I could definitely see you walking down the streets in Tokyo and people taking you pictures. Well, too bad sometimes Indonesian were waaayyy too judgemental.. >.<

  8. Whoaaaah!
    Thrifted biker jacket?>,< jadi pengennn!!
    Aahhhh jadi kepengen thrift shopping~~

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

  9. what an amazing style !! agak serem maskernya hihi tapi kereeeeen :D

    This is real and This is me

  10. one word for you "STUNNING".. that's it!

    New post on:

  11. l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me as well.

    Love John Setrodipo

  12. lovely look!

  13. This is so badass! I love how you layer pieces. :) I can definitely see these pics fitting in with Japanese street style.


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