Street Romance 2049

A colleague of mine told me that she genuinely loves my witty writing style and I expressively thank her for noticing my tasteless hilarity, as me and Nathan were discussing about how he intentionally wrote every single post of his humorously. I stumbled upon Nathan’s blog couples of weeks ago and secretly back stalking him on how I wish I were flat chested too. Did not know on how humble and generous of him to actually spend time dilly-dallying with Christine and me. We pretty much shoot everything that’s not moving with a hint of crispness. As far as I could remember, my Notting hill shots styling has always been grunge with a punkish twist, although I hardly nailed it and end up looking minimalist as ever. Nathan and me coincidentally uniformed and we both rocking our leather profoundly along with my best styling interest at the moment, which is apparently monochrome. Whilst, Christine goes for a more cheerful color and it has appealed to the ever-pastel theme of Notting Hill.  Could not wait for another proper photo shot to come!

(Everything Asos 'duh' | Givenchy Nightingale bag | River Island scarf)

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10 Responses to “Street Romance 2049”

  1. ah you're so cool as always kak! love your skirt ^^

  2. Nice Bag and Scarf, kak Anisa :)
    Mind to followback each other? Lemme know


  3. ahhhh!we should meet up and make a monochrome look like you said :D

  4. Cool outfits!

  5. Dawww you rock this monochrome look Niss...! And thanks for inviting me to this lovely meetup! Glad to be a part of it., <33

    Looking forward to see you again soonessttt


  6. love love kerenn bangettttttt
    meet up yukk sini ke KL <3

  7. still amazed on how you layering all the outfit
    awesome <3

  8. aduuhh kamu SELALU kece >.<


  9. What a fabulous post !
    and i also like the way you portray your posts supported by such great visual story

  10. so fierceee!!

    xo Diras,
    fashion beauty blogger


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