Power Trip

My ghetto mood still drives me on whenever I jammed on J.Cole 'power trip' song. This look perhaps inspired by the song itself, though apparently I bought a handful of ghetto getup just to match up my current obsession which is this jeans that I shipped from Asos. I always wanted an embroidered denim or perhaps baseball jacket would be nice too. I never knew that Urban Outfitters sell UNIF clothing, wasn't really that interested until I saw this baseball shirt that hyped me from actually buying it. Oh, I wore this seriously comfortable 15mm lens that I got from Uniqso indeed my deadly stare was really effective enough to get rid annoying side walkers. 
Moving on from clothing blabbering, I treated myself at Harrods as a yearly post depression gift though buying branded wasn't really my thing 'thing' but can't help myself fallen in love with this precious gems. Sad to leave London for my trip back to Jakarta this upcoming week, hope to see all my peeps again.
(UNIF 420 Jersey | Asos embroidered denim | Thrifted biker jacket | Asos fangs beanie | Asos shoes | Alexander wang bag)

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  2. You are killing it with this look! I've been looking for the perf leather jacket for a while, and it seems like the best ones are always thrifted. I have yet to come across one around my area but I absolutely love yours. xx


  3. those are the cutest little booties
    --- www.kivnow.blogspot.com

  4. Girl you rock that denim! Badass overall look ...
    I cannot wait to return to London~how I miss Baker Street


  5. Wooaaa you look super awesome wearing that denim <3
    Nis kayaknya kamu harus berjumpa dengan Toni Tran from www.fashitect.blogspot.co.uk
    he's a blogger based in London just like you
    if u have a chance to contact him
    maybe you both can be a blogger-mates :p

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  6. Your whole outfit is supposed to be scream on! It's god damn cool!


  7. I feel like I wanna eat your hair.. Reminds me of cotton candy.. Cool denim! Ayo nisss klo jd balik ke Jakarta kita ketemuan lagi yaahh

  8. aah nisaaa really love your hair !! (i said this all the time, lol, but it's true your haircolor is too cute)
    just cant wait to meet u again here <3

  9. every your style is like BOOM ! and i really love it

  10. Looove your current hairstyle! And also your embroidered denim! And also those shoes! Anak london emang keren, deh haha. Can't wait to see you!!


  11. Super love your hair and your look is adorable !

    Chic Swank

  12. This look is everything I want to be. Love the jacket x


  13. OMG totally needs all of your stuff, esp that UNIF.

  14. ah ! one of my favourite songs, i love this outfit you killed it! and the hair is awesome,



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