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By all means I couldn't be more grateful than to received a bunch of text regarding of our meet up that due last week Saturday. Finally after seeing their blog and talk to them online I actually got a chance to do meet and greet plus little jolly laughter with them at Plaza Senayan, Monologue cafe. There was 7 of us in total, 6 blogger and of course I brought along my beloved cousin that makes it seven. I am a shy kind of fella but heck! they were all really nice and welcoming, such unbelievable attitude (in a good way) for someone like them who has been covered by almost Indonesian hippest or latest magazine. I honestly feel honoured and touched by their kindness, truly. Well now time to mention who's part of the meet up, starting from me (duh), Lulut from whenblackmeetsbeige, Sartob from Adaytoremember, Fahad from Mr.Rebelintown, Atjil from Increamnia and Liz from voguishdoodles. Ah, they all look beyond gorgeous whilst my maid told me that I look like some sort of a magician. Anyway speaking of my outfit I just picked this up from an online shop thought I don't really intend to buy the real KTZ yet but this Inspired one just enough to satisfy my fashion hunger. About the shoes hmm.. I got this Jeffrey Campbell on discount from Karmaloop so it's pretty neat looking to complete my whole 'magician' look plus I like strip-y leather-ish thing! Oh, I cut my hair if that's noticable...

All pictures credit to Fahad.

 (Inspired KTZ top and bottom from Ebay, Alexander wang bag, Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

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19 Responses to “Internet の友人”

  1. sooo much swag in one picture, i cant deal ,

  2. You are all magic!
    So sad i couldnt join with you all that time :"(
    I promise to meet you soon.

  3. it was really nice to catch up with you in real and the other amazing bloggers in one table!
    i had so much fun with you all girls <3
    let's arrange time to meet up again before you leave Jakarta
    and make sure more invitations to come

    setelah diperhatikan, kita semua punya satu kesamaan
    yaitu sama2 pake outfit yg berwarna hitam ~ LOL

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. Ehm, tolong di bold kalimat "someone like them who has been covered by almost Indonesian hippest or latest magazine". Hahaha.
    Tolong lbh sering ngomong pk british accent biar akika makin cinta sm lo...


  5. nice photos)

  6. nisaaa kereen bangeet !! walopun aku jarang liat kamu pake simple outfit hihihi !! love your jc <3<3

  7. hah? apa? shyyyy? hahahahah timpuk pake heels nih nis! anyhowww, it was lovely to meet you as well haneyyy :*:* cant wait for our nginep2 cantiqueee ;)


  8. cool sekaliii <3

  9. aaaaah super ketjeh! sedih ga bisa ikut :((

  10. cool people and awesome outfit of youuuu!<33xx
    happy holidaysss!

  11. you have such a daring style, and that's just a darling to the eye!
    wow umm! the ktz on ktz is just epic, and daring, and just a visionaire to the eye! you are such a cool blogger! Stay inspiring

    Happy New Year Anisa! loge from TPS x

  12. Ini kenapa somehow warna outfitnya pada menyatu semua sih? Haha. Tetep awesome as usual, nis! The top and bottom set really works so good on you! ;)

    See you this weekend! :***

  13. Im totally inlove with your outfit!

  14. You guys look great! I'm loving your outfit too much x

  15. such a cool outfits <3 love! BLOGGER FELLAS's chat on Line talked about meet up with you, too bad I can meet amazing bloggers like you guys :') happy new year!


  16. Man, matchy matchy's always a good fashion recipe. Love those shots with everyone too.


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