Homebound 2

I could smell the festive of a holiday afar before I arrived in Jakarta weeks ago, beg my parents to be able to visit Malaysia as part of my holiday culture. This time I'm fortunate enough to get someone willingly accommodate both me and Dana. Although it seems to be a short trip but Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur town still is mesmerising, ah can't believe I spend most of my youth in there. Here's a few snap shot of my outfit that Dana took, I felt defeated by the warm air breezing through my skin so I can't barely stand for a long photo shoots. Speaking of the outfit, I did a little bit D.I.Y on my denim jacket that turns out really good! I used embroider iron patch that you could get in almost every corner of your town. It really is great for the sake of diversity, I'm most likely sick and tired seeing my old denim lying around without me doing something to it. 
Anyway folks all I could say is Merry Christmas for those whose celebrating it and have a great holiday!

(Ragged Priest denim jacket, Vintage Wrangler shirt, Forever 21 striped skirt, Office shoes, Vivienne Westwood bowling bag)

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17 Responses to “Homebound 2 ”

  1. you are too cool for me, you have a good eye for colors
    -- http://the-profashionalist.blogspot.com/

  2. Your jacket ahhh too gorgeous ><

  3. Oh very cute skirt!


  4. happy holiday niss <3
    anyway your outfits are lighter here but layering suits you well anywhere anytime ! <3

  5. this is cool baby cool, I always adore your creativity in mixing patterned outfits!

  6. Love your shirt, you look amazing!


  7. aww my name is mentioned twice I feel famous already ha ha ha I nak my pics too dong

  8. great mix and match as usuall, from shirt , jacket and skirt, even your sock somehow looks so match ! i think you have talent for doing mix and match outfit. Love your new hair cut.

  9. Kirain jaketnya beli di mana, eh, ternyata DIY. Cool, nis!! Love the layering as always :***


  10. amazing mix! Would you like to follow each other on gfc?

  11. bagus banget fotonya, kaya bukan di Indonesia o_O


  12. How did you do the first picture!


  13. aniiii luar biasa.
    ketemu secepatnya.
    yuk ah.

  14. Suka banget sama skirt & bag-nya!!! Awesome as always! :D



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