Sharpened Staclactic

So happy that I finally received my requested header from Pigeon art , I've eagerly wanted to change my dull and boring header which I re-created it from my own edited eyes. Funny to say that I've barely checked upon my google chrome followers but somehow I found her tiny thumbnail interesting enough for me to stumble upon her blog. I just simply stunned by how talented Kamilla is! she could easily be Nylon magazine illustrator somehow. She uses both traditional water color and also digital media such as photoshop, she tend to express her emotions into drawing which then re-created magical illustration that words can't describe. Her tumblr like artwork just captivates my eyes, honestly really do inspires me and thank god she happen to sell her illustration or sticker as well on this website! Of course you could order or request any form of artwork from her, name it and she will definitely do it. I did not try to monopolize her although I want all of her artwork to be mine! (evil laughter) well. go check upon her facebook art work fan page by clicking it right here and drool over her unbelievable talent. Here are some of her awesome art works, careful of that droll will y? all pictures courtesy to Pigeon art

Also today I went over to see the famous 'wobbly bridge' or as known as millenium bridge located in St. Paul. All the harsh wind almost blew off my coat into the sea, Thankfully that didn't happen. I've impatiently wait for sunshine to come out, finally my prayer has been answered although it only came out for a mere hour but atleast we manage to take couples of pictures just to satisfy our narcissistic behaviour. Today pastel color combination was inspired by no other than Kamilla's soft and emotional illustrations. I've rarely done a mixture from  soft color (except for blue, I love blue) as it is far from my strong, sharp and intense images. However, I do love soft color though you barely seen any soft color in my wardrobe. Probably going to start collecting it bit by bit depending on the design and preferences (my shopping factor changes depending on my mood yo!). By any chance any one of you readers are super talented in artwork or an illustrator yourself don't be shy and show it off! ( to me ) I'm a sucker for strange beautiful art. Here are some pictures that I took on the bridge.

(Asos pink cotton coat, Ruby leather custom biker jacket, Asos shirt, Asos flower trouser, gifted necklace, Underground creeper, Philip Lim Pashli bag)

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18 Responses to “Sharpened Staclactic”

  1. omg You're so perfect and beautiful , I love your mix and match it's like it's some sort of a game for you, like the name game, but yours is the clothes game

  2. omg this is of my fav outfit from you!!>< since i fancy pastel color so i rlly like this one. your mix and match always amaze me kak! super keceeeh. untung coat nya ga terbang beneran kak lol. anyway the 3rd illustration caught my eyes! love that one.

  3. beautiful bag dear and I love your creepers.

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA.

  4. OMG love it, such a freaking cool illustration! AMAZING outfit too, love how you effortlessly styled it. great mix of colors and patterns, so perfect.

  5. I really enjoy the conflicting pattern use in this outfit--it works really well and the color pallet is great. I am an artist and would love it if you checked out my work! I post a lot of it on my blog, you can see the newest piece here:


  6. I never tried a mix of soft color outfit
    you are the coolest plus size blogger ever!
    can't wait to see you in Jakarta next month :D

    Mr. Rebel in Town
    LIKE Mr. Rebel in Town's PAGE

  7. omg thank you soo much, this is the best review i ever got! <33 it was pleasure, doing a banner for you *^^*
    and i just love your outfit - soft pastel colors and these shoes, perfect!

    weirdoland -

  8. heyy your new header is cute-ly cool >.<
    anywayy love the blue vibes on you <3<3

  9. lovee your stylee dearr!

  10. I love your new header! Her work is amazing.

  11. aiih bagus gambarneee, headermu jadi ketj maksimum! btw disitu lg season oposih?
    btwww, keren deh mixing pastel coloursnya. lebih kalem & tetep keceeeehh


  12. omg i loveeee kamilla's artwork!! so awesome! my roommates are both illustration majors so i always love see other peoples illustration! watching them do their work gives me an appreciation for the creativity illustrators have! :) but anyways you look soooo cool! :D your coat is beautiful!! i love the color of it! :) and the jacket underneath is so awesome as well! :)

  13. mau deh cin kl gw bisa kesana hahaha. eh kpn balik indo neeng? lo pny line gk btw cyin?

  14. I love your outfit color combination and yor new header is so cute! :D


  15. Loving your eclectic layers as always! The new banner looks awesome! xx

  16. Oh I love this lavender coat and you wearing it so well. Actually the whole outfit is chic and stylish. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Just let me know so I can follow back. Thank you.

  17. Cool! :)
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC? If you would, just follow me and leave a comment on my blog, so that I can follow you back :)

  18. such a cool header, and you look so edgy :)


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