Half Moon Run

Curse the ever gloomy London weather, I was suppose to made this photoshoot co-ordinated and proper but hell it was ruined or perhaps I too underestimate this queen's country which is definitely not a good thing if you ought to stay in four different seasons. After couples of hours has passed finally the rain stop drizzling in which has successfully made my hair looked soaking wet even though it was not really that wet. I intended to do this shoots around Millenium bridge but rain left me hanging around Yo! sushi for a mere hour, still pretty upset about it but well maybe I'll start doing my non-rainy cult ritual (which obviously I do not posses such mystical power, still wish I could've own it!). 

Nothing new on my outfit for except my Asos shirt that I bought on discount two months ago, I simply adore the 'questionable' collar print that says Yes or No. Didn't really expected it will come out as a long cut when I first thought of buying it but heck! I don't really bother to return it since it looks edgy when I paired it with my cracked River Island skirt which... I bought it on sale as well. Ah! the most important guest on my entire outfit is the UNIF shoes that I just got to have it since the first time it came out on Karmaloop website but I never wore it ever since. I have no Idea when could I ever brought this shoes out again without my friend supporting me incase that I ever tripped the zig-zagging London pavement. Tho it's surprisingly comfy and not as heavy as it may looks, totally a head turner piece of art that I don't regret. Maybe I'll rock it when I get back home without having me to travel quite a long distance.
(Asos Paris mesh shirt, Asos 'Yes'&'No' shirt, River Island cracked hi-shine skirt, UNIF grail platform, & Other Stories leather wrapped gloves)

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16 Responses to “Half Moon Run ”

  1. love loveee yourr look!!!


  2. Your haair! Kalo aku blg sih, "wet wet sexy!" hahaha. Looking oh so swag as usual tho ;) And oh, I ADORE THOSE SHOES!!


  3. you make me want to scream "YOU ARE SO FUCKING COOL!"

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. OMG that shoes, so frickin' awesome!


  5. aaa UNIF shoes, kereen <3 love your jacket alsoo, you look totally cool as always !

  6. black and white, what else, never gone wrong ;p


  7. i'm in love with this! great post x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  8. Love your skirt! Totally adore your layering teachnique! Awesome! :))


  9. despite the weather, these photos still look so cool! love the soft focus on some of the photos! gives a shade of mystery and coolness to the mood and goes with your outfit really nicely :D


  10. The pictures still look amazing despite the plans being ruined.
    Great outfit, love the top and jacket!

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    Cassandra | Backtofive

  11. Amazing Look and pics

  12. Love your styling here! The yes/no collar on that shirt is awesome.

  13. fabolous! still stunning, there nothing can ruin your looks! its gloomy and rainy in jakarta tho~


  14. Love it, I just love that shirt, I have one too and i'm thinking of ways to convert it to Fall, White dress shirt under it isn't a bad idea at all! I really love that.


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