Sergeant off duty

I bet all London teenagers well not only Londoners perhaps, must've own one piece of army hint clothing and that's based on my daily street observation sense. Call it a bomber jacket or pair of defected jeans that belongs to an everlasting trend since war season over of course!. Personally I used to  collect many types of army stuff given by my militarian uncle, named all and there it is residing on my wardrobe from air forces to sea for sea forces uniform. Though I'm no longer collecting it all but it's still become one of my favourite pieces that inspires me this look. Bought this Kenzo x New Era cap from opening ceremony shop down town, been craving for this a long time before I came to the UK and again though I lost hope when apparently it has sold out everywhere including online. Speak of the devil they restocked it again, what a lucky.

Also many people asked me about what type of lenses or camera I used during my photo shoot session, and the answer is Red Pentax K-x with 18-55mm. Be honest it's first shoot not really as good as what I've edited and look way presentable (yup I'm good at deceiving) but it's superb during a sunny weather. That's the reason why my outdoor photo looked impressive (i hope) whilst the indoor's nay.

Super awesome weekend I spend, could not be more excited for next week Louise Gray fashion show!.

(Kenzo x New Era cap, Kenzo brown blazer, Art disco army outer, Primark army jeans, Neon Cambridge satchel, Dr Marten boots)

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  1. Your outfit is definitly such an eyecatcher! love your cap, your camouflage blazer and your neon bag!! Great combination!

    Hope you visit it me on my blog

  2. You look amazing as always! Loving the whole military look xx

  3. omg this amazing! love your kenzo cap omg! >_<

  4. the military look suits you
    I could never pull off such look!
    I love the bright yellow satchel!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  5. This look is incredible! You definitely have an eye for colours and prints. I love army inspired stuff, too, but I don't own any, unfortunately. (Awesome Kenzo hat, btw!)

  6. LOVE your bag <333 superrrr gorgeous!!1


  7. I love this army look with that bright yellow bag and cap you wore. So stunning. You did a great job, army girl <3

  8. Fantastic Army !!! You rock it <333

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    your voice are really important for me
    "The Sunny Day is taking Over"

    Thank u so much

  9. I love the Army look!
    Thank you fot the nice comment on my blog!

  10. this is epic, love how you were able to pull off a double camo look.
    everything just works/meshes together. love the pops of neon yellow too.
    & thank you for commenting on my blog.


  11. That hat is so cool! I need one. Really cool take on the camo trend too - I never thought of doing both top and bottom!
    Feel free to check out my blog - it's new and I'd love any feedback you can give me!!

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  12. Wow, this army look is so stunning on you! Love it :))

  13. Wow, your style is very unique! :D Love it dear!


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  16. ah great blog post ! heheh
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