Friendly ghoul

i know i should've be doing my work in my normal day but i just couldn't resist the temptation to celebrate halloween on the exact date of it. Bunch of friends asked me to pick out places to celebrate, I choose the lamest club in town which is located on campus called The Academy ( one of the reason). Everything is on set, decoration, food and booze well except for the music i guess my neighbor could do it better than them. So many friendly 'ghoul' inside the room (talk about how friendly they are when they ask you to dance with them) yet I'm sober enough to know what's happening inside. Best thing about halloween is that no one cares about how you dress up like but please girls, wear your coat at least if you're gonna wear bikini top and jeans. Crazy one hell of a night, really looking forward for my next event on campus.
ps: guess what I'm dressing up as ! hint: the exact day of the halloween

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7 Responses to “Friendly ghoul”

  1. Pecahh! Hhaha serem sih, tp masih kece aja lo
    Jadi apa sih ceritanya? Semacam susana gitu? Mwaaah

  2. Awesome post, dear!
    And very cute blog!

    I`m your follower now).
    And I`ll be SOO happy, if you follow me too:-)



  3. I can only think of Wednesday addams from the addams family! is it right? :D

  4. SCARY! love your dress though :)

    x Angie ||

  5. what a lovely halloween parade you attended!

    würde mich über eine neue Leserin freuen (:


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