Birthday Safari

In due to our randomness and her birthday sake, Shanka and I decided we could have some time to peek out local safari garden called "Taman Safari". Woke up at 6 am just to get ready and head over to her apartment and boy! I would never ever walk out from my house at 7 to 9 am geez traffic are killing me, literally. Suck to be living in Jakarta part 1. It's been a long time since the last time I visit this fairly imitation jungle located in Cisarua Bogor, wasn't really that fun when you go with too many people causing obnoxious disturbance to wild animal. Luckily this time and my first time too been drove by someone who's clearly not my driver head to a place quite further from the city. Lovely.
Catching up with the birthday girl Shanka's party in the evening in place called Tin Pan Alley, honestly never been there before but surely they had the best shrimp agliolio in town, well can't really compare since I'm not Jamie Oliver. Met up with some of the Indonesian londoners that Shanka introduce me was so appealing, in case you guys didn't know that I'm a social creep in terms of friend making. Gladly they didn't notice it, sweet. Big thanks to Shanka who is kind enough to treat this lady wisely.

 ( Cotton on sleeveless shirt, ole sweater, Forever 21 shredded jeans, Deena and Ozzy creeper, Alexander wang bag)

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6 Responses to “Birthday Safari”

  1. Suka bgt sm jeansnya!
    Rambut baru mu juga lucuuuuu Nis :3


  2. hahaha omg the hippo's are amazing <3



  3. LOve the tiger sweater so much... different kind of animal print haha, fits the team perfectly!
    Great blog, Please follow me on, Thanks1 :)

  4. Cool!! that sweater really defines it.. perfect for the safari! :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  5. you have such a cute style!

    btw, i have nominated your blog to get a Sunshine Award for inspiring bloggers.
    please visit my blog to collect it :)



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