The Orient8

Unexpected dinner strikes me again, this time location is on Mulia hotel lobby ground restaurant called "Orient8". Mini nibbling quench my thirst on sweet lovely cake and fondue, not so over do it cause lately stomach did not agree to full it's storage into maximum level (perhaps because of fasting,uh?). Boy sure is today many people's happy return, i heard happy birthday songs quite repeatedly sang by the waitress and their relatives seems to put soo much effort on the cake!. Beautiful interior,food and ambient but dislike the too dressed up diner that confuse me between going eating or clubbing... hell...

( unbranded shirt, Mango skirt, unbranded necklaces, Aigner belt, Japanese shoes)

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6 Responses to “The Orient8”

  1. thx for stopping by at my blog :)
    great post dear <3

  2. nice post :) i love your post

  3. Your outfit is so grate! what a cool shoes)

  4. cool!! you look so lovely! :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  5. SO CUTE!!! Your outfit was amazing!! <3

    xo - David

  6. One of the best fine dinners in Dublin..but unfortunately completely underrated...beautiful food. driver license


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