Beautiful possession

Accidentally found this Henry Holland Le Specs sunglasses in Plaza Senayan yesterday displayed in so unexpected place, I refer to havaianas store in here ( who would expect that!). So after lingering a while thinking that I've own so many sunglasses and tend to repeatedly abandoned them, I decided not to buy at first but my Rebecca Bloomwood syndrom says yes. Here it is stuffing my bags along with my previous Karen Walker sunglasses. oh, and that rainbow cake... I've been hangkering myself on that lately due to temptation of a sweetness in this fasting month.

Who's coming to the Alley Bazzar tea party on sunday? well then see you there!

enjoy this tune 

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4 Responses to “Beautiful possession”

  1. wow those are cool!

    and Rebecca Bloomwood syndrome is PERFECT, haha.


  2. Those glasses are freaking awesome xxx


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