To jog? or not to jog? with Ruthie Davis

Since summer around the corner, it has been a regime for all those beach frantic to do some physical exercise in order to get hot body anti gooey kind of torso. Should've taken my friends advice to jog around but hard for this arses to move out from my beautiful comfort zone. So was planning to look out for new eligible shoes and bump into these Ruthie davis sneaker collection last season, i always had my eyes set on these babies. Good thing is, THEY'RE ON SALE! check out to purchase it. Summer sale completely making me one of the mad shoppers goner. Sneaker started making a comeback since Isabel Marrant wedges spread all over the runway from Marc Jacobs till Chloe, so why not trying to jog with these vibrant colourful yet edgy. But seriously, I wont jog with Ruthie Davis shoes recklessly.

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