3 days in a row

Finally my diploma degree has come to an end no more exam or studying stuff till my newly terms university date revealed. I guess for me prom was the common logical excuse to buy a new dress or make one but since I've joined prom more than once, couldn't even think of better dress than this Alessandra Rich inspired for my 'teenage dream" themed prom. Adding little tiara for final touche resulting a resemblance to snow white evil queen (pals said) plus my marvelous Chanel rouge lips made it more obvious.
Accompanied by these awesome cousin who decided to help me with all the stuff that i suppose to be packed home made my life so much easier. Not to mention the exhausted be 2 days in a row tour guide for them, totally paid of when finally could escape from them (kidding!). Story telling, hyper physical activity such as dancing and shouting on the condominium are totally on through out the night. I opt for another dinner but such a limit, wish i could have more time to spend with them girlies. Anyway does Xiaoling looks like a reminiscence of old 50's peranakan woman in a party?.

Ps: Jalan Alor has this BEST chicken wings stall, thanks to Xiaoling

(Marni by H&M leather shirt, Top Shop white cotton dress, nude leather skirt, Alexander wang bag, Tissot watch, unbranded sandals)

thank you so much you two :,)

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4 Responses to “3 days in a row”

  1. Annissa! your prom outfit are fabulous.
    Love the way you added a tiara as the final touch.


  2. Very cool pics, Annissa!

  3. Love it! :P
    Cause you mentioned me.

    p.s: i read your blog ;)

  4. even wear lace dress you keep rocking with that outfit so gorgeous


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