Shoegaze flower amazed

Both James blake and Grimes are the repetition regime on my nano 16 GB iPod, in case you're not familiar with these guys they both are electronic dream pop (little bit dub) artists. Most of their songs does really help an insomniac asleep and relaxed at the same time. While Claire Bouchere (Grimes singer) is amazingly cute plus high sense in fashion preference as well. For James blake "wilhelm scream" is the most recommended song from my opinion and Grimes "oblivion" the most joyous that i could find in her entire album. 

The Australian king of bodycon has regain from his name after losing his jersey addiction style into camera quality printed dress nor shirt on his S/S 2012 collection. Geometric skirt with pink rose detail has full filling these summer collection over the runway. Still on this 2012 mirror optical illusion graphic design is still the hippest trend to follow. Drooling over the dress? why dont you grab yours here

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