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've been hectic as hell throughout out this weekend, not to wonder final exams are here. Sorry for the lack posting last 5 days, went over to Jakarta and didn't pack along my macbook to the journey. Finally my etsy package are here! a pug sweater as lovely as the picture tag on the website it self will definitely rock out the new skinny jeans that i bought recently in Forever 21. As a sweater maniac for those who had an extra amount of fat in their tummy (like moi) prevent to use over too baggy or too tight. Whereas your size is XL choose L instead so it'll fit in nicely, trust me no one wants to see a sleeping hollow walking around the town. Baggy sweater thumbs up for the skinny, do not ever pair baggy sweater with short cut jeans yuck!. Also this a late night tale album that i purchase on Urban Outfitters (long time ago) really really putting me in a good mood, talk about jazzy breezy stuff in there. Uh, and pharaohs necklace and my Jeremy scott wings swatch are the hit !

 My A level final examination work, crap? yep

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2 Responses to “Current lovable”

  1. good luck with your exams! that shirt is so cute! and I like your pictures :)


  2. I love the sweater and the watch! I think your work is really wonderful. I suck at drawing or anything artsy haha! :)



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