Topshop/Topman ss12 @zebrasquare 29 march 2012

Happen received an invitation from Fashion forward malaysia, first time i found it beneficial beside after all the discount that i get from being one of the members. Still struggling enough to get my ass off this fabulous collection from Topshop nor Topman, zebra square always bring the glamourous vibe whenever i came there to see their always extravagant show case. Hate to que on booze but the goodie bag and itsy bitsy snack was ultimate loveliness, love the Mary Katranzou canvas bag that i got with extra rm 50 plus notebook inside. Every fashion show is not complete enough if i didn't bring my super pretty photographer Theodora, extra credit for her and her time to accompany this mother maniac of fashion.

Another free rm 50 voucher, Fortunate to be the eligible dresser for the night

With Chin Ke Liang, one of the models

Much credit to Theodora's camera

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  1. Hey!! Really like your top! What's the name of the brand???


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