MIFW 2011 Gala night

Ful filling weekend, spend most of the time seeking through christmas sale Ps: they're everywhere! bought my self a beautiful leather white vest from topshop that worth Rm 120 from original price Rm 850 (it's 70% ya hella'fa bitch). Enjoy MIFW 2011 even thought i tripped on high heels twice, what an embarrassing moment after all. Beside that congratulation for Jovian Mandagie for winning the best over all design trophy but obviously it is really a breath taking collection partnering with the batek. Also for all the designer that taking part on the show i must say they were really putting their best performance ever, worthy to come over i must say. Great collection, great music, great food and wine ( though i didn't drink wine). Best MIFW ever! thanks to my best partners in my whole entire life Dimas Vinno and Theodora.   

What i wore: Versace printed shirt, Moschino belt, Zara legging, Gee wawa Shannon shoes, Chloe nappa top handle Paraty bag, Vintage bracelet.

The pretty photographer Theodora

The creator behind Batik is my soul and also the astonishing designer Jovian Mandagie. 

Couldn't wait to return to all the fabulous show that i went, somebody... please invite me 

That's it for now

 ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

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