After a few weeks, months and year hiatus i'm finally back to blogging. Inspired by lots of bloggers friends who still very dedicated to write their blog although i believe none actually reading it. I jumped into the bandwagon immediately thinking of "damn, I must be lazy as F not to update my blog" so I decided to write about my recent trip to Bali.

Staying for four days three nights in Bali for me is hell of a torture, two days is the maximum. As you guys know I'm not a big fan of the heat. Called it heater, sunshine, or body warmth. Every time I walk along the side road me and my bf were drenched in sweat, especially him (high metabolism as y'all know) I carried around my paper tissue lot that I accidentally put on my bag from La Favela (I forgot on whether I stole it or have I actually paid that shit).

Moving on to the actual trip itself, not much to visit but excited to hang out with the people that I have not actually traveled together with. The key of travelling together is tolerance, learnt it the hard way before I actually realised that it's a vital thing to do. I do enjoy it eventually in regardless of all the fuzzy wuzzy.

Here's some pictures that I took in Bali. Hope you enjoy !

Introducing: RAMAYANA x Disney


I love Disney, probably thats not a new news among people I surround myself with. 
Jadi waktu tanggal 9 December lalu aku mendapatkan invite dari Ramayana untuk menghadiri their first collection launching in collaborations with Disney. Begitu aku mendengar kata Disney aku langsung meluncur ke acara. 

Ramayana Depok is where the launching commenced. At first I was a little sceptical honestly on how this collaborations collection would look like, but DAMN it is darn cute! and what's good about it it is SOO GOOOD with value a.k.a cheap. I wish they do come up with a wide range of sizes tho. 

The event started by us posing all together as a blogger and the second part of the event is the most exciting! we got three voucher with Rp 300,000 in value and we have to find a head to toe outfit that screams out our personality. Oh boy, I did not find it hard in Ramayana as they are super good in value and the options was surprisingly wide! the only problem was just finding the right size for me body. 


I finally got everything in hand and it's time to compile all of my clothes together. It came out like this. 

I know you can't really see it, CAN'T help it! The T shirt is from Disney x Ramayana collection. The dress came from Zaskia Mecha collection. 

I had much fun that I haven't been in ages, especially meeting up with new blogger makes me excited meeting out with new friends of the same profession. 

Thank you soo much Ramayana for inviting all of us ! I can't wait for next Ramayana collaborations, hopefully it will be Pixar > ___ < ! For anyone who haven't see their collection yet. Do check it! you won't regret it! when else can you purchase a super cute Disney stuff but it's wallet friendly. INDEED #DISNEYHAKSEGALABANGSA EVERYONE GET'S A DISNEY, YOU GET A DISNEY! 



No I'm not in some kind of accident (ha) I feel blessed for surviving the 2016 rollercoaster safe and sound. For commencing the milestone that I have achieved, I decided to celebrate it in a festive way. First of all I went for this mini trip to KL and SG (again) for the gazillion times this year with Dea, well my initial plan was to visit SG for few days and back to my normal routine. Since Dea insist that she hasn't had much fun during her visit to KL we decided it would be best to recreate her memories about KL. 

What screams Kuala Lumpur rather than it's vast options of brunch place. I admit I'm an avid fan of anything green so Dea took me to this salad bar located in Bangsar called Botanica. As the name suggest this down to earth brunch place surrounded by green, yes including their salad bar. I squeal of excitement and dive in straight to the salad bartender (yes, I did not know it exist until I went here). 

After we done with our feast, we decided to take a picture nearby. Here's the results of it. 
Do wait for the next blogpost trip!

(Army Jacket | H&M top | Zara Trousers | Proenza Schouler 11 bag | Adidas x Raf Simmons shoes | Kenzo Watch)