From eyes to Seoul - Pt. 3

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Day 3 ! my overwhelming joy and luggage both cried at the same time. Two more days and the trip will be finally over whilst my luggage scream that she needs to go on a diet since I fed her with too much beauty products. 

So in day 3 I actually manage to visit both important site, however I don't want my very precious post to be over crowded with my narcissistic picture I decided to divide it into two post instead. 

Moving on from unnecessary explanation that I'm pretty sure no one cares *sob*. In day 3 i visit Ihwa Mural Village at Ihwa-Dong, nothing special in this very village full mural but since Shanka insisted for me to go (well. I don't want to be stuck in Myeong Dong for my whole journey) so I go. After I have done taking her most requested picture which is the mural of an angel wings, she offered me to get my take picture as well. I'm like meh, I could've just paint that myself in my room plus the sunshine was not friendly at all. it is ridiculously hot! just right above your head and made this annoying shadow every time you're picture is about to be taken. After I sulk for a long time, there i stumbled upon this two girls wearing a Sailor uniform. My first thought oh these must be the kids who came out from class (make sense! since it's a common village and it's during a school day), I stare at them long enough even took their picture that's when i realise... THEY WORE A DOC MARTEN shoes! where in this Millenium era school kids gets to wear a red Doc Mart shoes. I ask Shanka and Abel on who are they? They replied lightly, "Oh, they borrow it". I'm like... WHY DIDN'T YOU GUYS TELL ME!!! I'm obsessed with Sailor Uniform. 

Sorry to victimised both of you

As matter of fact I read a little background about this very uniform since it is pretty similar to Japanese uniform. Turns out, it is a Korean Sailor Uniform during Japanese Invasion, HOMG COLONIAL ERA! Little did you know I freaking love colonial history especially Asia region something about it feels so dark yet romantic at the same time (I know I'm weird). I shiver endlessly my mood has finally been lifted up thus I rush to the uniform lenders whilst I did not think about whether they have my size or not. Pretty decent price of lending out their uniform, it cost about Kw 10,000 equals to Rp 100,000 for an hour of it to be worn roaming around the village. 

I took out my money and give it to the uniform lenders. They nicely packed our clothes that we wore into one box and we are allowed to put everything inside this box (I guarantee you it is save!). Another younger lady gave us our uniform, although they have very limited knowledge about english, I guess she guess my size correctly without me saying anything *cries in Korean*. 

She gave me an XXL wutt! but from the look of it it's definitely L size. I don't know much about Korean sizing system but the smallest size starts from M. Weird uh? 

I carefully fit in my hands, put the zip up and voila! I FIT I FREAKING FIT. It must be a destiny for me to taste and be part of a colonial era muahahahah (evil laugh). 

Finally, we walk around the village like nobody business. Tourists stare, yess they do! even some Korean student asked for a picture with me and Shanka. When Abel asked them what for is it, they said "Schuru projek Schuru projek" (School Project)  and I was like wut? what kind of assignment that ask you to take a picture with a tourist wearing colonial uniform? god knows. 

From eyes to Seoul - Pt. 2


Yeay another blogpost for you all who are interested about my Korean trip endless rambling. 
We're moving on from the most exhausted day ever which is the first day of my Korea trip. 

Well as you know most of airline that offers flight to Korea have a late flying schedule which leaves me to arrive the next day.... at 7 AM! Crazy huh this little thing called travel bug which has successfully win over my precious sleeping time.  

So in day 2, my initial plan was to hang out all day with my friends who's in Korea but however since it's Friday they can't catch me up during the day but to wait until 6 pm. Fair enough, so me and Shanka decided to GO AT LOTTE WORLD! wutt wutt. Me personally love love all kinds of rides, it's just one thing that piss me off which is queueing. Let me repeat *QUEUEING FOR RIDES IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY THAT YOU DON'T HELL NOT KNOW WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT*. At first, I was quite cynical about this particular Korean Disney land since it is easy to get the ticket and plus it looks like a miniature Timezone (arcade place in Jakarta) from outside. Like, as I've been to many theme park, I find this quite fishy for some reason. Once I entered the gate, I quickly assume that the park was oh so quite and spacious. My dream crushed in a minute the moment my eyes laid on the most generic rides ever, which is the ships that goes up to 180 degree (I can't describe it well honestly). I said, ok pretty common and when I have this idea to actually ride it. I look at the queue and OMFGGSHSHSSJJ !! I saw a sea full of bb cream and liptinted people queuing up for this lame ride! (which however in the end I still ride it). I've been fooled all along! this the thing that can't be undone thus I atone my sin by queueing up for every god damn rides for up to 1.5 hour. Legs cramp? most definitely!

My little advice if you are really into mingling with the people of dobokki while riding a fun rides is that, DO NOT COME AFTER 9 AM, LET ME REPEAT DO NOT. Cause this very high tech Lotte world offers a magic pass for up to three times so you could easily jump out from the queue on the designated time (more like the available time). Pretty convenient, however since they have a limited slot, first come first serve!

( Random hotline bling Drake shirt "Korean brand" | Zara denim trousers | Adidas NMD | Mansur Gavriel bucket bag | I honestly forgot what brand is my glasses | Witch World Wide choker)

Time has finally indicate 4:50ish pm in the evening. We rushed out from the Korean Disney Land to our next meeting place which is Hong Dae. Yes, I know I've been there but I don't want to miss out eating a Korean BBQ that has T.O.P big bang holding a beer huge banner sticking right in front of the restaurant am I? 

My stomach has fully satisfied so my Korean friend decided to take us out for a stroll nearby (by means nearby, is proximately like more than 3 kilo's journey). As i thought it's good for flexing them stiff calves and also digesting system so I agree on that plus she said that she's about to reward me with  Bing Soo (Korean snow ice dessert) by the end of journey and I said to her "I'll bless you a double eyelids". 

One Km has took my breath away, we decided to stop by the famous Kinako ice cream dessert place that has recently open. Please do not bombarded me with a question on where the heck is that. I don't know. My mind has been Bing Soo orientated since the begging of the stroll. 

However, this is the picture of the ice cream. 

god damn it's freezing, i cringe 

The notorious Gangster Dobokki, odd name for a Dobokki eh

We continue back on our journey, took a few picture but since Shanka eyes were almost dead at that wee hour. I stop nudging her. Minutes after minutes finally the designated Bing Soo place has closed YES IT'S CLOSE! *cry in korean* and we're back to the main road where we get our Kinako ice cream but this time it's the cafe in the opposite direction. i didn't take much picture in that cafe since it's name was ridiculously cheesy "Flower cafe". As you expected that place has an overwhelming smells of flowers (obvs) and syrup smells. Tho, honestly it's a lovely place for a first date. Chat after chat, we finally end our day at around 11 pm. Head to shower, bed and ready for the next day. 

(Apparel K sweater | Zara denim trousers | Mansur gavriel bucket bag | Witch World Wide earrings)

From eyes to Seoul - Pt. 1


Probably my reader know me well that I am the queen of a last minute deal. So does this Korea trip that me and Shanka has planned for about a month in prior however we made various adjustment for our trip and Visa requirement a week before we actually go.

Once, our Visa has been sorted it leaves us with the airplane ticket and hotel.  Lucky us, we definitely thought that the airplane ticket will cost an arm and leg, but! Singapore Airlines pleasantly offered us a nifty deal which actually fit in our tight budget. Imagine that with Rp 5000.000 or $560-ish we get to fly with the best airline that human could've offered back and forth. The hotel hunting was a little bit tricky I must say since I DON'T KNOW S***T about KOREA, except for the fact that my sugar daddy Won Bin lives in Korea. Anyway, after I googled "Best tourist place to stay" from there comes various options to stay such as Myeong Dong, Hong Dae etc. I decided to stay in Myeong Dong, Days Inn. In despite of its tourist overflow, it's location is strategic plus I could always go downstairs to buy some food and do last minute shopping.

Moving on to these picture, I just realised that i did not take picture at Myeong Dong until the last day. I skip my timeline to the day that I went to Hong Dae (the hipster place of Korea) or known as the Korean Bricklane market. During the day it has already overwhelmed by the sound of music from the street artist and the food stalls smells intoxicate me. I rush over to look around, took pictures Oh, and the fact that Shanka almost got hit by a motorcycle shows how dangerous Hong Dae road is so Be careful y'all when crossing the street! 

This is not a girl standing on the roof f.y.i

After I felt I've done enough of shopping (whereas I never will sick of it) I took a bite of a yogurt milk ice cream that is OH SO GOOD. Why didn't I took a picture of it. So, I didn't explore much of this area since it was only me and Shanka and we both are very afraid of not knowing how to get back to the station without companion so we call it a day. 

(Aesthetic Pleasure Dress | H&M sweater | Forever 21 choker | Mansur Gavriel Bucket bag)