Keep callin em'


Just a light catching up with my readers. Haven't done a proper shoot lately so I feel guilty of leaving me readers hanging, I decided to snap my OOTD yesterday while I was out. This was taken in Grand Indonesia Mall (how ordinary of me).

Yes! your hunch was right! I did dyed my hair actually, I was planning to get this kind of hair for about two months ago. Due to the ever crowded famous salon here in Jakarta called Blobar, it was postponed until now. Finally I got my dream hair that match with my aesthetic.

The good news on my previous post was, I got featured in Nylon Indonesia magazine for this September Issue 2016! was overly joyed when they ask me to do a small insight on full figured women like me on their magazine.

(Stradivarius Silk Pajamas | Asos Marble Top | Zara Bell Shape Denim | Zara boots | Philip Lim Mini Pashli )



Damn, I'm finally back at it again. It is kind of hard for me to post while you have a shit load of works that you need to prioritise more than your blog *sigh*

I know some of you might be wondering why the heck am I doing in KL for the gazillion time again. Trust me, my last KL trip was the first trip I made after three years of not visiting my dearly beloved high school memories city. 

So, it was for a wedding occasion, the lovely bride has invited me to her wedding reception on the 27th of August along with my high school darlings. We arranged time to set our trip, booked plan tickets and settling the accommodation.  

Although we all fly with the same carrier. I probably the one that cost the most, I initially did not want to put any baggage but my makeup screams and tells me that i need to purchase which I finally did. I do not want to put my Laura Mercier in airport garbage disposal y'all.

Did not intend to do a proper photoshoot as well, but something obliged me to do (you'll be in for a surprise soon!) and I try to bring clothes as light as possible while keeping it as creative as you can imagine. I end up with this Thrasher look. That's why I call it. This skate board magazine that has been booming lately because of Vetements (France based designer) did a spoof with their logo on one of their sweatshirt collection. Since then it become some sort of madness, up until the time when an immigration officer ask me where the heck did I get the T-shirt from because he can't find it in Malaysia. 

I was like, this is it. This is beyond perfect. I pair it with my Zara tranny track trousers with yellow stripe on the side which complement the bold yellow 'Thrasher' font. I put belt just to create a rock a billy gimmick. The hop on my ears were totally random, since Shanka told me that my face were too plain. I remember i forgot to put eyeshadow on my eyes, so does eyeliner and blush well practically everything since I need to catch my early flight. 

I totally in love with this skinny ankle boots with wide heels. I did not find the proper name for it. I love the skinny legs illusion whenever I pair this killing boots (yes it blister my foot) with my bell shaped trousers. 

That's what I mostly wear on day one. Stay tuned for the next post. 

(Thrasher T-shirt | Ebay Choker | Mango Cowboy Belt | Zara Tranny Track Trousers | Zara Boots | Givenchy Pandora Bag)

From eyes to Seoul - Pt. 4


Still at the same day as my visit to Ihwa mural village which I have discussed it on my previous post. Clock strikes at around 3ish PM we rushed to our next destination which is Gyeongbokgung Palace. I honestly not an avid fan (at first) of this 14 century historical site since it was too surreal for me to accept the fact that Korea used to be ruled under monarchy system. Which oh so Disney. Why didn't I believe it? cause Seoul is so freakishly modern and this ancient castle just sit there right in the middle of the city. 

Secondly, the weather is killing me. It is unbearably hot as in dry hot that i'm about to burst if someone dare to touch me. Thirdly, Shanka really want to wear her Hanbok, Hambok ? Handbok? the traditional Korean dress because apparently everyone who visit the castle wearing it could enter it for free. Since we do not know where the hell are we suppose to borrow this clothes, we abort the mission. Thank god or else she'll definitely ask me to wear this bright looking dress. Funny thing is when I asked Abel if I could just wear the darkest color of Hanbok, she said "Oh, that's for peasant". 
I'm like okkk so if I were to live in the 14th century I indeed have a taste of a peasant choice, more over the officials daughter or son wear bright color to shows off their status. 

Peasant hour the fake version of Princess hour

The ticket  cost me 3,000 won equals to approximately Rp 30,000ish. My first impression was "what a rip off" but sooner after I set my foot on that 3,000 won sacrifice has finally paid off. The castle was gloriously huge with more than a thousand doors exist (assumption). Bella ( My Korean friend ) tried to explain about the insight of the castle but what I did was too focused on the castle decoration itself instead. Oh, and of course about her story of the kings rarely sleep at his own room since he slept in his more than 20 concubine rooms, what a harem eh. 

Not much to do inside the castle itself except of wandering around, took pictures or having a lovers quarrel in the middle of the garden (true story). My spirit raised up after I saw another COLONIAL memorial by the end of the castle visit. There's a dupe of Korean colonial barber shop, Korean colonial tea shop, Korean colonial book shop AHHH I TREMBLED. What's good they have free uniform to lend (just for a short picture snap inside it's studio) with COLONIAL BACKGROUND TOO. 

My excitement getting more pumped up since this is the day where I ate Sannakji, the raw octopus. You know the one that still moves around even thought it has already been chopped piece by piece. You could always check it on my Instagram post to see the video. 

(Asos overall | Korean brand stripe cropped shirt | Asos barret | Mansur Gavriel bucket bag | Adidas tubular deviant)